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Israel 7-Eleven First Store Opening


Oh, thank heaven! 7-Eleven, the world's largest convenience store chain, has landed in the holy land after its first store opened in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center on Wednesday.


The Tel Aviv store is mainly focused on self-service and features specialized digital barcodes that allow management to keep stock on the shelves in real-time.


WINTEC as the checkout and self-checkout hardware provider, Anypos300 and Selfpos60, well guarantees the store opening ceremony and serves customers. The fashion and stylish design make them well decorated the store as well.


While there are already over 10,000 convenience stores throughout Israel, Electra believes that 7-Eleven will stand out despite the already crowded market.


"7-Eleven brings real convenience to the consumer in an innovative format that does not exist in Israel," said Avinoam Ben-Moha, CEO of 7-Eleven Israel. "The mix of food and products in the network was built with the aim of providing 360 solutions for a wide range of needs, where the principle that guides us is freshness and quality at the highest level and at the most attractive price."


"The potential of convenience stores is huge. In Israel, there are about 10,000 kiosks and convenience stores nationwide and we intend to increase the competition and be a significant part of this market. The consumer who chooses 7-Eleven will have an international consumer experience and will receive value that he will immediately feel in his pocket," added Schwimmer.


Electra Consumer Products plans to open another eight stores within the first half of 2023, mostly in Tel Aviv. About every two weeks, a new store will be opened, according to Schwimmer. In total, 30 stores are set to open throughout Israel by the end of the year, with hundreds more expected to open in the next few years.


The next stores are set to open in the Levinsky Market, Yigal Alon Street, King George Street, the Florentin neighborhood, Nahalat Binyanim, Lincoln Street and Menachem Begin Street in Tel Aviv and Sokolov Street in Hod Hasharon.