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WINTEC in NRF 2024


On Jan 14, NRF 2024 has a grand opening in New York, USA.


The day was full of excitement and interesting visitors from all over the world.  WINTEC shines as we had many potential customers stopping in and showing interest in learning more.  With our strong team in USA and Latin America, WINTEC is fully prepared for customers visit and discussion. We can’t wait to see what kind of success the show will find for us. 

Besides the activity driven by our sales team, we had lots of traffic from created because of the fantastic innovative solution demonstration. The KIOSK and Selfpos200 is a big hit along with the interest created from both the unique base of the Anypos500 and sleek design of the Anypos80.  The AI of the Scalepos has also drawn interest from the crowd.  We seem to be a big hit from our competition as well. We are rocking it here in NYC! We cannot wait to see what day 2 brings!