WINTEC leads the AI technology in intelligent retail solution

On Nov 9, Intel IoT President Summit was held in Hangzhou, China. As a leading POS solution supplier, WINTEC has cooperation with Intel for years and also was invited for this activity. Mr. Liu, VP of WINTEC gave his speech with theme "WINTEC & NEW RETAIL". During this summit, WINTEC launched the smart self-service POS base on AI technology, which requires no cashier or any store staff during the whole shopping process. With its strong and leading innovative capacity, WINTEC was hornored with "2017 Intel Retail Product Innovation Award" by Intel.

In the past decade, the development of IoT and big data changed a lot of our life. Data shows that there are more than 3 billion Internet users in the world, but more importantly, Garther predicts that this year, this number will rise to 8.4 billion. From this we could say that development of IoT is overwhelming. WINTEC new product with AI technology will lead the trend and make our life much more smarter.